Thank you, Exeter Voters!

On December 14, 2013, a Recall Election was held in Exeter, Rhode Island. The Recall was initiated by special interests who were enraged after 4 out of 5 Town Council members proposed a modification to a decades-old state law regarding the issuance of concealed-carry weapons permits.

The special interests assumed they were speaking for a majority, but this was not the case. Despite an impending snowstorm, and on a Satuday during the height of the busy holiday season, Exeter voters came out in full force to reject the recall attempt by a nearly 2-to-1 margin. As a result, all of the targeted Town Councilors will keep their seats.

Here are the final results, showing the winning number of NO on RECALL votes for each of the four Town Council members:

Arlene Hicks      YES votes  - 708    NO votes -  1228
William Monahan   YES votes  - 707    NO votes -  1236
Cal Ellis         YES votes  - 707    NO votes -  1230
Bob Johnson       YES votes  - 721    NO votes -  1221

Total number of ballots cast: 1950 out of a total of 4950 registered voters – an approximate 39% turnout!

The Exeter Town Council thanked Exeter voters in this Letter to the Editor in the Wood River (RI) Press, dated December 26, 2013:

Thank you to all the Exeter citizens who voted “no” in the recently held recall election, thereby defeating those who sought to overturn our election as Town  Council members from the results of the November 2012 election. We are grateful to the voters of Exeter for their acknowledgment and validation of our past efforts to make Exeter a desirable place to live. We are also most grateful for the direct support we received from scores of individuals who volunteered their time, talents and financial resources that led to this favorable outcome. We look forward to continuing to work on your behalf to provide the responsible proactive leadership that you expect and deserve from your council members. We will continue to focus our attention on challenging issues, on capital improvement projects, and planning for Exeter’s future, while always exercising fiscal responsibility (please remember, we are taxpayers, too). We welcome your participation at our meetings and encourage you to serve on the town’s various boards and commissions. Once again, we convey our sincere thanks for your confidence in us to carry out our leadership roles and responsibilities with integrity and dedication for the benefit of all the  residents of Exeter.

Arlene B. Hicks, president
William P. Monahan, vice president
Calvin A. Ellis
Robert E. Johnson Jr.

Exeter Town Council members (from left) Cal Ellis, Bill Monahan, Arlene Hicks, Bob Johnson

Exeter Town Council members (from left) Cal Ellis, Bill Monahan, Arlene Hicks, Bob Johnson










(The other pages on this website were part of the effort to inform voters about the then-upcoming recall election.)